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Tara Holliday
County Treasurer

As the Anderson County Treasurer, Ms. Holliday serves as the chief custodian of the county finances.


Ms. Holliday's responsibilities include receiving and disbursing all funds belonging to the county, making proper record, issuing receipts and depositing funds in the proper accounts in the bank depository.  Additional duties include original reconciliation and safekeeping of county bank accounts, custodian of bail bond collateral, secretary of the Anderson County Bail Bond Board, share duties of payroll with the auditor's office, and serves as agent for state reports and payment on certain accounts.   In addition, Ms. Holliday serves as one of the counties investment officers investing county funds. 

Comments  may be sent to:

703 N. Mallard St. 
Palestine, Texas 75801
Phone (903) 723-7408 
Fax (903) 723-7804

Office Hours: 8am - 5pm 

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