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Position: Full-Time Deputy                                              Open until filled

Salary:  Current- $36,000 per year.  Plus certificate pay.  Step pay $3,000 after 5 years of service. Also Paid over time

Summary of Position: Performs public safety work. Work involves the enforcement of criminal and general laws of the State of Texas. May train others.

Essential Duties: 

  • Patrols and detects violation of state laws and regulations, makes violator contacts, and places violators in custody or issues citations or warnings.
  • Patrols in high crime areas with appropriate action to reduce crime.
  • Patrols assigned areas and County office buildings, grounds, and parking facilities to check for security violations.
  • Apprehends criminals, rescues victims, seizes illegal contraband, detects and prevents terrorist attacks, and disrupts criminal organizations.
  • Conducts personnel, traffic, and criminal investigations: prepares complaints and cases for presentation in court; preserves and presents physical evidence; testifies in court; and reports disposition of case.
  • Serves traffic and criminal warrants; and arrests, processes, and transports prisoners.
  • Performs disaster rescue operations, responds to critical incidents and major investigations, cares for the injured, controls crowds, and directs traffic.
  • Removes debris from roadway; assists stranded motorists; and arranges for transportation, repair, or towing services.
  • Maintains liaison with appropriate personnel and entities to collect and share relevant information.
  • Answers inquiries pertaining to legal, policy, or procedural information.
  • Plans and participates in safety programs.
  • Performs routine maintenance and servicing of assigned fleet vehicles, and prepares activity, auto, mileage, repair, and gasoline consumption reports.
  • Trains consistently with issued weapons and equipment, and maintains all equipment in proper condition.
  • May train others or provide guidance to less tenured staff.
  • Performs related work as assigned by Sheriff.

A job profile is not a comprehensive job description.

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED is required. Must be 21 at time of hire and have a valid Texas driver’s license. License as a basic peace officer in good standing with TCOLE. Must pass criminal history background check; drug screen, physical exam and psychological exam.

Applications mandatory and available on line at WWW.CO.ANDERSON.TX.US  under the Sheriff’s tab or employment opportunities tab.

Job Vacancy Announcement


Position: Full-Time Jailer                                                             Open until filled

SALARY: Current- $31,500 Annually.  Plus certificate pay.  $3,000 Step pay after 5 years of service. Paid overtime

Summary of Position: Performs correctional work involving the care and custody of offenders. Work involves training in officer and offender relations, security, and corrections management.

Essential Duties:

  • Participates in the care and custody of offenders in adherence to correctional laws, rules, regulations, and established procedures.
  • Performs searches of buildings, dormitories, and cellblocks for contraband and performs searches of offenders.
  • Oversees and controls offender movement within buildings or specific areas.
  • Prepares and maintains records, forms, and reports.
  • Assists in responding to emergency situations, searching for escaped offenders, and transporting offenders.
  • Performs related work as assigned by Sheriff.

A Job profile is not a comprehensive job description.

REQUIREMENTS: High School diploma or GED is required. Must be 18 at time of hire and have a valid Texas driver’s license. Must pass: criminal history background check; drug screen, physical exam and psychological exam.

Applications mandatory and available on line at WWW.CO.ANDERSON.TX.US under the sheriff’s tab or employment Opportunities tab. 


August 6, 2018

Scams continue to be a problem in our county.

Recently I received a call from a concerned citizen in reference to a possible scam.

The citizen reported that someone claiming to be with a local electric delivery company told him that he had not paid his bill and his power would be turned off if he didn’t wire money to a certain address immediately.

Scams like this are meant to catch you off guard and get you to react and send money without thinking because as hot as it is no one wants to be without AC.

Other scams that continue to be tried in our area are the Jury duty scams or the warrant scam. These scammers tell you that you either have a warrant for your arrest or that you missed jury duty and a warrant will be issued if you don’t immediately send money. Of course this is a scam; Local Law Enforcement will not call you and have you send money to avoid a warrant arrest.

Please think before you react to these scams. Remember if it is too good to be true or if you have to send money to get money it is a scam, or if someone threatens you with arrest or to turn off your power and you are not sure it is a scam call and check it out first.

Stay safe and God Bless

Sheriff Taylor

March 23, 2018

The Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints from citizens recently in reference to someone calling them from what appears to be a local number.  The caller states that he or she is with the Sheriff’s Office and that the person receiving the call has a warrant and they need to meet them somewhere in town or put money on a card and send it somewhere or they will be arrested.  THIS IS A SCAM!  The Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement agencies will not call you and demand money to take care of a warrant.  Please do not fall for this!  Report it to your local law enforcement agency.

Thank you,
Sheriff Taylor

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging all citizens who have not already done so to sign up for Code Red.  Code Red is a community notification system that is used to send information such as warnings, notices of missing children and other pertinent safety information.  You can access the Code Red registration by visiting the Anderson County Texas homepage and clicking on the Code Red tab.