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Gregg TaylorHonorable Greg Taylor
Anderson County Sheriff

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office will strive to provide the highest quality Law Enforcement to the citizens we are sworn to protect. Our Jail will provide the highest quality of safety and security for our citizens, our employees and the inmates in our care, reducing the liability for the County. We will strive to be confident, highly trained and to act with the utmost integrity. We will do everything in our power to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the United States and of this State. We will protect the citizens of this County and their property to the best of our ability. We will seek out alternate ways to achieve our goals at the lowest possible cost to the citizens of this County. We will actively participate in our community by educating the youth about the dangers of drugs and bad behavior, by promoting neighborhood watch programs, and by maintaining an effective crime stoppers program. We will work to make our communities and County a safer place to work and live by empowering our citizens to help us help them.

Comments may be sent to:

Anderson County Sheriff's Office
1200 E. Lacy Street
Palestine, TX 75801
Phone: (903) 729-6068
Fax: (903) 729-3022

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  • To find out if someone is currently booked into our jail, please call the jail desk at (903) 731-8229.

    For Open Records Requests, please submit your request to the Records Department on the Sheriff's Office Main Page.

  • To visit an inmate, you must already be on the visitation list filled out by the inmate, you must know the inmates cell #, and their visitation time (see schedule below).  Then you simply arrive at the jail AT LEAST 20 minutes before visitation time and check in.

    Please see the Visitation Schedule to determine when visitation will be for the inmate you would like to visit.

    Rules for visitors:
    1. Each inmate is authorized (2) 
    20-minute non-contact visits each week.
    2. Visitors must be in the lobby at least 20-minutes prior to visitation time to
    sign in for visitation.
    3. Visitors must be on inmates approved visitation list.  The inmate must list up to
    5 visitors on the visitation form provided
    by the jail to the inmate.
    4. Visitors are subject to being searched.
    5. The following items are not allowed to be brought into the visitation room.  Weapons (including knives, firearms & ammunition) hats, coats, purses,
    cameras, cell phones or any other loose items.
    6. Visitors must wear footwear, bottoms
    and a top that meets these requirements:
    A. All tops MUST have sleeves
    B. No shorts or skirts may be above
    the knee
    C. No hats or caps
    D. No coats, hoodies, doo-rags, or
    see-through shirts
    E. No excessively tight clothing
    (such as spandex)

    These rules are for visitors only and does not apply to people who are only in the public waiting area.

  • Bail Bondsmen in Palestine Search - Please call to verify your bondsman is on the approved list at (903) 731-8229.

    Once the bond is competed, the inmate will receive a free phone call to arrange for transportation.

  • The Inmate Trust Fund allows you to put money on an inmate's account so they can purchase items from the commissary.

    All commissary money must be received by noon on Tuesday of each week.  Money received after will be used the following week.  No exceptions.

    Payment must be a money order or cashier's check made out in the following way:
    1. PAY TO or PAYABLE TO "ITF [Inmate Name]"
    2. FROM or PURCHASER "Your Name"
    3. ADDRESS "Your Address"
    See images below

    To put money on an inmate's account, you can bring payment by the commissary desk drop-off box located in the Sheriff's Office or you can mail it to:
    Anderson County Sheriff Office
    Inmate Commissary
    1200 E. Lacy St.
    Palestine, TX 75801

    For inquiries please contact Jail Administrative Assistant Lauren York
    (903) 731-8246

    Money Order Examples

  • To setup a phone account for an inmate please click on this link and follow the instructions.  You must know the inmate's first a last name and have a credit card to process your request.

    County Inmate Phone System

  • To send books or other reading material to inmates please make sure that it meets the following criteria:
    1. Material has to be mailed in from a publisher, bookstore, or web store
    (such as Amazon.com)
    2. All material must be paperback.
    3. Material must not contain
    inflammatory or hyper-sexual
    subject matter or images.

    To send letters or correspondence to inmates:
    1. Mail must have sender's full
    name and address on the envelope
    2. Each letter must be from one person
    and cannot contain pens, envelopes,
    extra blank paper, stamps, etc. (Some
    of these items can be purchased
    by the inmate in commissary)
    3. You may only send letters in
    standard letter envelopes.  Mail may
    not contain packages, newspapers,
    books, or magazines.

    Mailing Address:
    Anderson County Jail
    C/O Inmate [Inmate full name]
    1200 E. Lacy St.
    Palestine, TX 75801

  • Jail Captain:
    TJ Choate
    (903) 731-8209

     Jail Lieutenant
    Tia Pierson
    (903) 731-8225

    To submit an open records request, submit your request to the Records Department located on the Sheriff's Office Home Page.